Be Careful when hiring a contractor

Post date: Sep 21, 2017 9:11:29 AM

I had the opportunity to look at a project in Scio Farms that was completed recently. It was replacing water damaged insulation under a bathroom. The job was done by an unlicensed contractor and obviously a very inexperienced contractor. Even though the job looked neat and tidy I noticed the trap of the shower above sticking down under the insulation and completely exposed to the elements of winter. I also noticed that the new insulation was not the correct type for a mobile home and was no where near enough (it was the kind used with a blown in insulation machine) there was no R-value rating. It was just a mess. If left like this the pipes will freeze at this home this winter and they will break.

I don't particularly care if you hire my company if you are one of the folks who can't stand us over here at JL Warner please at least hire a contractor that is licensed, has insurance and maybe a few references from similar jobs. I see this all to often, it isn't good for my trade, it certainly isn't good for the poor homeowner that just paid someone to do a job and the finish product is useless and has no value, and when homes get repairs like the one I looked at today it isn't good, BE CAREFUL.

Some alternatives to JL Warner would be:

Dennis' Mobile Home Repair from Wayne

Acclaim Mobile Home Repair from Ypsilanti or

Glass' Mobile Home Repair from South Lyon any of these companies I feel know how to do the job correctly and will try their best.

I'll even give you the phone numbers to these contractors but please let's keep Scio Farms and the homes in Scio Farms comfortable for the people that live in them today and in future.

Personally I depend on a healthy Scio Farms for my business. We do about 30% of our total work in Scio Farms so it is in my best interest to make sure that all of the homes in Scio Farms stay in good condition. That's why I am posting this - please stop inviting these unlicensed and uninsured "businesses" come work on your homes.

I have contacted the bureau of construction codes and filed a complaint against this unlicensed person and have reached out to the Michigan Manufactured Housing Association for advise on how to better protect homeowners (and licensed contractors) from having these types of things happen. It's out of hand.