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Ekaterina Coombe 7/2/2020

Thanks so much to Josh from JL Josh Warner for hooking us up with a late night A/C call after I mistook a wire for vine I was pulling out. Fast and Courteous and he made sure we aren’t going to be roasting alive tonight! Service people like these are few and far between and there are still those of us who appreciate the above and beyond service. Thanks again Josh and JL Warner for the massive last second rescue!

SanDee Reed 3/22/2020

I have no words for what you did for my dad last night. Your the best. I appreciate you so very much and so does my sister. Thank you a million times.

Sherrie Anderson‎ 8/23/2019

Shout out to Josh Warner for coming over yesterday on the drop of a dime to fix a busted pipe!! Not only were you fast and efficient, you checked on me to make sure everything was good. Thank you for all you have done for me!! You da man! 🙌🏻

Becky Gentry 8/17/2019

As usual JL Warner comes thru!!!! Had a problem with a shower and water spewing. The gentleman he sent was friendly, knowledgeable and had it fixed in no time at all! Thanks so much for always being there!!!

Leslie Nardoni‎ 8/10/2019

Thank you so much Josh Warner for fixing my AC so quickly! It’s such a piece of mind knowing I can count on you to be here.

Angela Burnette 7/10/2019

Thank you Josh Warner - JL Warner and Crew! 😁 I now have New ductwork underneath, new insulation, new lattice, Cold A/C all through out my house and its holding too! Great water pressure now and they even replanted my flowers! They're also going to come back to pour new cement for my patio too!

Chris Karas 4/27/2019

I walked into my home and noticed my floors were underwater. Called Josh and his team came out immediately to solve and clean up from my water heater letting loose. Great job and F-A-S-T cleanup. I will easily recommend JL Warner to any and all that ask about him and his team!

Sue R. 9/13/2018

I don't even know where to begin. OUTSTANDING WORKMANSHIP AND CUSTOMER SERVICE.  I reached out to Josh after reading the reviews.  So glad I did.  He and Tracy met with me and I explained my issue-had 2 broken pipes resulting in significant damage to my kitchen and bathroom.  The insurance company was basically non responsive, Josh asked if he could reach out to them and really got things moving , he also spoke with the adjuster to get the monies required to do  proper repairs.  His team is fantastic efficient, and personable. They also clean up after themselves and are so respectful of your home.   The completed work is just beautiful.  Josh listened when I said I wanted a kitchen cabinet rebuilt instead of a new one.  He rebuilt it for me and the final product came out so nice.  I added to the scope once I saw their work and the extra projects were completed in the same manner as their other work.  I highly recommend JL Warner Mobile Home Repair.  They already have my list of additional projects that I look forward to being completed.  Thank you Josh and team for everything.

Nikki Lynn 1/1/2018

Not all superheroes wear capes! Thank you, Josh Warner for getting our water back up & running (on New Year's Day, no less).

Sherrie Anderson 12/27/2017

Woke up this morning to the pipes being frozen... thank the good Lord for Josh Warner to come to the rescue as always!!

Lisa MacKey 12/08/2017

Josh and the rest of JL Warner, I want to thank you for the awesome job you did on the tub replacement and dishwasher replacement.

💕 best company ever!!

Lisa MacKey 10/29/2017

Furnace decided to not work this morning...called and woke Josh Warner up and he walked me through some steps to fix the furnace!! Best person ever!! Won’t have any other company work on my house! Thanks again Josh!!

Lisa MacKey 9/13/2017

Thanks to Josh Warner and the crew from JL Warner for the great job on my bathroom!!

John Loy 9/2/2017

Thanks again for all the work you've done. Always a GREAT JOB.

Becky Gentry 7/6/2017

As usual JLWarner comes through! Came home to 80 degrees in the house and he was here and had it cooling within an hour! So appreciate all you do Josh! Oh and he was dragging the big equipment too!

Lisa MacKey‎ 5/23/2017

Thank you for sending Matt to fix the outside faucet today. You guys are the best!!

Diane Garback 4/6/2017

Always thankful for Josh,called at 7:00 pm to tell him our furnace wasn't working. At 9:00 pm after getting parts it was fixed and he was on the road again to help some one else. Thank you so much for making sure my toes got warm again. lol

Nancy Lalonde Bradford 1/30/2017

A shout out to Josh Warner. He came over and fixed our furnace today. We are blessed to have him around to help us. Thanks Josh and to your helper I forgot her name. So nice and warm in here.

Josh Warner 12/31/2016

"What a wonderful thing to see when I went on Facebook this afternoon. And I couldn't ask for a better way to end the year and I look forward to being there for everyone in 2017, (our 19th year). It is one of the nicest feelings to be appreciated and I love sharing this type of posts with my mother - Thank you all for keeping us so busy and supporting our business and Kim Kim Valentine and me you are all what we are thankful for."

Pannaphat Scott 12/31/2016

Thank you to Josh Warner to fix our furnace earlier today too. Have a great New year eve.

Sharon Seitz 12/31/2016

Josh has saved me a couple of times too. And I enjoyed the Christmas Lights photos he took. Happy New Year to Josh especially.

Veronica Fluegge 12/31/2016

I would like to thank the whole crew for a job well done. Your loyality and dedication do not go unnoticed.

And a Special Thank You to Josh and Kim. Your both very special to me! I look at the both of you and feel like Family. Thank you both for rescuing me on Christmas 2016 when I came home to no heat.

I love you all!

Peggy Nelson 12/31/2016

I want you (and your team) to know that we are your loyal customers because we know no matter what, your company is all about making our world (ie: home) a better place to live in, and when there is a house issue, it is "your loyalty to us" knowing that it is your top priority to resolves it, which makes us very thankful that you are there! Happy New Year!

Whobee Bradford Jr. 12/31/2016

Big thank you to Josh Warner .He came over today to fix my furnace this morning. We should be thankful we have an on-call service master here.

Rick Danette Smith 12/21/2016

A big thanks to Josh Warner and his crew for fixing our leaky pipe under the bathroom so quickly this morning. Can always count on you to fix our home.

Rick Danette Smith 10/1/2016

We have recommended you to several folks and those who have used you were very happy with work & price.

Charles L. Kincaid 10/1/2016

You've been there for us and we REALLY appreciate you and the work you do!

Win Cheddar 10/1/2016

Josh, I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. I am so glad that I found your name in a google search back in July! I know I have spread the word to friends and neighbors about your company.

Chris Pineau 8/18/2016

"Great service!! Our ac went out on Thursday evening (8/17/16) and the owner personally came out the following day and fixed it. This is the 2nd or third time they have come to the rescue for us. Always professional and have never left so much as a speck of anything of a mess when the have left. and don't let the name fool you, they work on regular constructed Homes as well!!"

Tina Geer 8/8/2016

"Hay Josh Warner I wanted to thank you and your hard working,dedicated, REALLY RELIABLE Gang for being there today. I thought I was going to get flooded out. No more spraying water under sink. You guys are Great Thanks Again !!!! You guys really know your stuff. It took what 5 minutes for it to be fixed! WOW. You guys ROCK! Thanks again The Lowe's Lady. Tina & My Kitties."

Peggy Nelson. 3/25/2016

"Had some wind damage on my house roof from the high winds last week...Thanks to Josh Warner's crew I am good to go! I really do appreciate them, I never have to worry when they are on it!"

Laura Panos 3/09/2016

"Josh and his crew are hands down the best in Ann Arbor. We've been using JL Warner for a little over a year for all of our landscaping/snow removal and various maintenance odds and ends around our home and business. Josh is super easy to work with, and can always schedule us in a timely manner, not to mention come to the rescue in urgent situations (like today!). Josh is very personable, fair and knowledgable and everyone on his crew I've met, follows his lead. Thanks guys, we appreciate it!!!"

Darlene P. 1/12/2016

"JL Warner is the only one to call in my book! I first called Josh for some minor repairs 5-6 years ago and decided that day I would call him for any and all repairs, maintenance etc. JL Warner has not only done minor repairs for me, but also installed a new roof, new furnace/AC unit, new floors etc after a serious leak under my house, a new bathroom, deck railings....and my list goes on. My lawn has never looked better since having Josh and crew maintain it and they are right on it with snow removal! Thanks for always being there JLWarner and for always doing an excellent job!"

Moira P. 1/11/2016

"I met Josh and his crew on a bitter-cold Sunday morning. My furnace had gone out and I was in a panic! Josh came right out to help me - without extra charges too. During the insurance claim, he handled everything and documented enough that my insurance paid over double what they had proposed to me. He has worked on every room in my home since that first time. Quality, professional, and HONEST - JL Warner is the ONLY business I trust to do any job!!"

Veronica F. 1/11/2016

"I would Highly recommend this business. Josh and his crew keep my lawn in order, my driveway clear of snow and ice, do multiple repairs on my home, including but not limited to, repairing frozen/broke pipes, replace my toilet and garbage disposal, and yes, fixed issues caused by a not reputible contractor.

Believe me, these are honest, hardworking people."

Daniel M. 3/15/2015

"We have had fantastic,quick and reliable service from JL Warners service. Josh and his crew are very knowlagable and hard working folks. Thanks for all your help over the years. There is nothing worse than frozen pipes! Josh and crew showed up within an hour and got our water thawed in no time."